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5:30 pm - Cognitive Restructuring (telehealth)

6:00 pm - Substance Use Treatment


6:00 pm - Relapse Prevention (telehealth)

6:00 pm - Substance Use Treatment (telehealth)


5:00 pm - Substance Abuse Education

5:30 pm - Substance Use Treatment (Spanish)

5:30 pm - Substance Use Education (telehealth)

7:00 pm - DBT


4:00 pm - Relapse Prevention

6:00 pm - Substance Use Education


Cognitive Therapy is a structured form of therapy focused on identifying self-defeating thoughts or negative thought patterns.  Clients learn skills to modify or challenge these patterns of thinking to obtain different outcomes in life.  

Relapse Prevention is a collaborative, skill-based approach focused on defining high-risk patterns and developing tools to manage these risks.  Relapse Prevention focuses on helping clients accomplish their goals and increase confidence in managing challenging situations. 

Dialectical Behavioral Therapy is focused on helping people regulate emotions, manage everyday life, cope with stress, and improve relationships.  It is a technique used to support those with different mental health disorders, self-destructive behaviors, or other unhealthy lifestyle habits.  

Substance Use Therapy is focused on learning to identify unhealthy addictive patterns in behavior.  Clients will identify and develop coping strategies effective for managing their substance use behaviors.   

Substance Use Education is focused on early intervention and education to help people understand addictive behaviors.  


7:00 am - DBT

7:30 am - Substance Use Treatment (telehealth)

9:00 am - Substance Use Treatment

9:30 am - Substance Use Education

11:00 am - Cognitive Restructuring

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